– 2013 started with big Airsoft events.. “The Red January” by NASL and my first night game against real SEAL operators.

– Also joined the students in the Cebu Field Trip. Memorable experience also and really enjoyed the beautiful place of Cebu

– Well we sponsored the  Google Student DevDay. It’s a pretty cool experience for us esp. for the student officers.


– SBIT Tribute with the theme Gothic Night (Totally enjoyed the night with the tribute to the seniors.. here are some pics of the graduating students)

– for the first time in good memory, the four of us in the family ate at the same table together. In was really a heart-warming moment for me.

– the graduation of my first IT students in LCC- Bacolod. Congratulations guys.. Good luck in life.

 the month of April was a very slow month. But during the later part of the month, a very bad news arrived. My deal Lola Caro died. Lola Caro is the mother of Momma, and although she was old, it’s really painful to know someone you loved died 🙁

During this time also, the IT Spec Ops went to Pulupandan to have a lunch at Boni’s house. Thanks Boni for the generosity and hospitality. Great food. 


– Lola Caro’s funeral was held at EB Magalona Public Cemetery. It was really a sorrowful day. May your soul lola Rest in Peace. 


– Start of the 2013 – 2014 curriculum. Excited and of course ready for a new teaching adventure. My first time in handling Android and Blender classes and most of the students had great results. Went to Manila to reunite with my family. Truly enjoyed the experience there. Went to Batangas to enjoy the  new resort of Tita Nerry. One of my memorable side trip was the UP Diliman campus tour. Seeing the premiere university in the Philippines was truly a great experience.

– July ran very slow and uneventful. Continued with my daily tasks as IT College Instructor. 

August was a good month. Played an Airsoft invitational game at NASL  coined  OP: Vipers Nest. It was really rainy but still enjoyed the event. NASL is still the best Military Simulation Moderators here in Negros Occ. 

Also in August, the most awaited wedding of the year. The Araneta-Villanueva Nuptial. Congratulations to the newly-wed. May your family prosper and be showered with blessings and graces. 
The PSITS LCC Bacolod Chapter joined the  IT Congress held at Iloilo City. We captured the 2nd place of the Quiz Bee Competition (Gillian Lorca and Paul Canlas) and 3rd place of the Web Design Competition (Don Gepulango) Congrats and kudos guys. 


A very sad month for me. My remaining grandparent here on earth passed away. She was my closer lola, I had seen the strength of Nanay Doring in fighting the odds. Ang the amazing thing about Nanay Doring was, she gathered all her children here again before she breathe her last breath. She gathered them from 3 diffent continents. Nanay I miss you. Rest In Peace

September also showcased the Google DevFest 2013. Thank you Google for providing us great events . Kudos to the Google Moderators

October was a great month. I was given the chance to share my knowledge to the IT youth of Victorias and Kabankalan. I visited and conducted seminar workshops at Central Philippine State University Victorias and Kabankalan about Android and 3D Animation. 

October also gave us the chance to visit Lexmark Corp. at the Cebu Business Park, Cebu City. Together with Mr.Joel, we had the hands on experienced of observing our OJTs at one of the largest international corporation in Cebu. The immersion was truly a great experience for me as it gave me the chance to witness a corporate management setup. 

November started as a great month. We welcomed Mr. Teun, a Dutch consultant to give  us insights on the standards of IT and Business Collaboration strategies and integration on the curriculum. It was a great experience picking up the genius mind of Mr. Teun and learning a lot from his experience on IT and business ventures.

But in the middle of the month, another tragedy struck. A great Airsoft friend of mine, Uncle Sam, passed away during a tournament. It was really devastating and truly shocking esp. to the Airsoft Community and of course to our Team. It was heart-breaking. Sir Sam, may your soul rest in peace. 

Check the link http://www.bokybokx.com/passing-of-a-friend/

December started with a great event. The Startup Weekend Visayas sponsored by the BNEFIT. It was one of the greatest event I ever attended and we had the chance to develop 3 apps; Kasambahay.ph, FixIt and GSave. I will be writing an article about our Startup experience in the near future. Here are some pics of the Startup Weekend.

That is me during the final pitch. 

 Together with the Startup Weekend Organizer and coaches. 

 my college Verkz gathered for our Christmas Party at Lord Byrons. Although we are not complete, at least we shared the laughs and a great memory together. 

And finally, the post-Christmas Party of the PSITS IT Club Officers at the Humbertos Farm. 

And that guys is my 2013 recap. Wishing you a happy 2014 and peace out.. 

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