What to do when you were told that you need to have a very expensive medical checkup and probably a much more expensive treatment?

There are things in life that would come to a sudden halt because of circumstances like these. As my life is currently going through with this, I’m looking at the options I have right now;

1. Find a donor or charity.

  Since its a very expensive process, looking at charities and the government to fund it or maybe subsidize is great option. But it’s a little bit far-fetched.

2. Save..

Since working with 2 jobs could make me save, I could do that also. Although with the current overhead expenses, it would take a couple of years before I could afford the treatment.

3. Lottery

Everyday, just place your bet on the lottery.. Maybe I can hit it off with 0.00000000000013 chances of winning

4. Look for another job..

Find a more financially gratifying job then save.

5. Setup a company

Start a startup company, with a minimal of 5% chance of success, I could hit off one big time deal and go for the treatment.

6. Find a rich wife

My heart is on this one..

Hmmmmmm.. But with all these options, I probably go with the fifth one.

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