Do you find it strange that most of my pictures always have this strange identical pose?

Since I was a sophomore, I’ve been doing this strange habit. I really can’t explain why I’ve been doing this. I guess the pose exudes a celebrity-like status on my part.

Here are some of my pics with pretty identical poses. Notice that in every picture I’m getting cuter by a mile.

CS WEEK Celebration with Mayuse and Cyrix

Miss Teen Philippines .. A t USLS Colisuem

At Villamonte Bhaus with Riel the Pogi….

Sugarland Hotel .. . The Entire Verkzter, we own the stage!!!

With Esther and John, CS Week…..
The 3 Gurus. .. Heheh …
The latest pic, Acquaintance Party and Freshmen Night 2008

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