My current workspace sucks… Ultimately sucks!! If there is a level of suckiness, my workspace is much lower.. Having a 17″ CRT monitor, (man, get a life!!! CRT monitor!!! ), I almost puke on that one…

So finally decided, I will create a Superworkspace for my homebased programming. A workspace so cool, that just by looking at it I will definitely be inspired to work on and spend my waking hours in front of it. I have my ideas, my setup in mind…. I got a lot of inspiration online and here are some of them:

A dual monitor with a bookshelf by the side. This would work for me coz I love books ..

A multi-platform and a number of monitors is like a kick ASS setup… man with all those gadgets… I will have a happy techie life

A comfortable office like able is also cool.. Im not into gaming but still it will look good..

And a dark and gloomy setup, I kinda love this setup.

We this in mind, I will try to do my thing and get on with it.. Hopefully in 3 months time I could post my setup in my blog. It will be a very interesting 3 months for me.

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