Do You Want Big Money?

Start With Small Money

Early last year, I taught my maids to invest in the Stock Market. They started by saving P2000 a month.

A few friends laughed at me. Someone asked me, “What can happen with their P2000 a month? That’s so small.”

But that’s why people remain poor. They don’t see the big money in the small money.

Today, one of my maids has P72,286 in her Stock Market account. The other one has P88,069 in her account. These amounts may mean nothing to you, but to them, they feel very rich.

They started with a small amount. Just P2000 a month. But when they discovered how investing worked, they were hooked. So when I gave them a raise or gave them a bonus, they didn’t spend it. They invested it.

Here’s my fearless forecast: I have no doubt that in less than 10 years, my maids will be millionaires.

Huwag mo smallin ang maliit na blessing. Lalaki rin yan!

My point? Unless you see the big blessings in the small blessings, you’ll never receive the big blessings. Because every small blessing has a big blessing waiting to come out.

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