Well, it’s a little sudden and early, although unexpected. At a young age of 30, I had an M.I (Myocardial Infarction), also known as heart attack, For nearly 3 decades of living carefree and uncontrolled lifestyle, it finally reached its toll.

This moment in my life will a big one to remember, my life span was decreased and any moment I could have it again and this day be not as lucky (cross-fingers to not happen soon). But the urgency of the situation comes pouring in and it made me analyze and look deeper into my life, my dreams and goals and even what the hell will happen to me.

So in the second life given to me, I will try my very best to work on my dreams, have a family, and improve my lifestyle. How I wish I can live another 30 years more but it’s all up to me and my heart now.

We will just wait and see..

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