As I’m reading the foreword of the book, I was amazed by how the book with few pages could go beyond the shores and borders of country and even one continent to be used by men and soldiers during the war times. It happened because the essence of the story of the book wherein Rowan followed the orders of the President without hesitation and inquisitiveness.
The story is all about the young soldier Rowan ordered by then President McKinley to deliver a certain message with great importance and confidentiality to General Garcia. The task was really difficult and life-threatening because of the insurgency that was happening in the Spanish-Cuban War. In order for America to support the insurgents a letter must be delivered to the general. Although the mission was dangerous, Rowan did what he was suppose to do and accomplished the job without questions and complaints.
The great moral of the book is the display of the perfect, loyal and dedicated employee who would follow instructions and get the job done even without supervision. Rowan, the messenger just used his initiative and follow the orders even if he doesn’t have any single idea about the subject of the topic.
The pamphlet also showed some latent examples of what a modern office setup and what would happen if a normal order was given by the employer. If the boss is around in the office, then by that time, employees would do their jobs dutifully but only the dedicated employee would still do the job rightfully and would give all his focus in finishing the job even if the boss is out of the office.
In a given situation in the field of computer technology and software development wherein jobs and assignments are given in the person who the boss believes could dutifully accomplish the task. The person is entrusted by the boss the work with the full responsibility of finishing it before the given deadline and doing a high-quality work that is globally competitive compared to existing websites and softwares.
What really inspired me about this book is the dedication shown by Rowan in his endeavor. As an employee, a person must have the integrity, and the dependability to his works. As the soldiers in the world war kept a copy in their pockets and bags of the “Message to Garcia” in order to remind them that it is their duty to finish the job no matter how difficult and dangerous the mission or the task ahead of them without personal inhibitions.
Learning from previous experiences with programming taught me how to really carry on with the job by using pretty well the resources I have and try to find means to find and look for the information that I lacked.
If all the employees have the attitude and the dedication of Rowan in their job and in their workplace, then no matter how difficult the job is, it will still be accomplished by the team. And if the team will continue to create great works and jobs then by that time, more jobs will continue to shower the company .

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