When your life is always in danger, that little fear behind your mind that continues to haunt you with questions of when will be an attack would come? When will that blood clot would prevent blood flow happen? With these kind of questions on your mind, it tends to make you ask that question; If I die tomorrow, what would be my legacy in this world?

What would it be then? Damn!! When you yourself doesn’t even know the specific answer to the questions, it feels daunting. But there are also a lot of generic answers, these answers are ultimately vague in a sense that you still don’t know but you have that slimmer of idea of where you are going.

So, with the variable of having dangers in your life at a very young age, the time frame of all those answers will immediately be push up to a nearer date. The dream of having a home, a family and a thriving business must be done in the nearest of times possible. The dream of having a renowned product on the market also must be finished and launched at the same time.

Life is short. Life is depressing. Life is painful. Life is unfair. But life is also great to be given the chance to correct all the mistakes done in the past. So that when the time the question of What would Be My Legacy in This World; I will have a concrete and specific answer with it. 

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