Well, I’m back, and effin tired. There are two majors achievement I had this first half of year 2017. I graduated my Master in Information Technology and passed the Civil Service Examination. These two was dashed out in my list of Life Goals. I could dare say that 2017 started quite awesome and fantastically great.

           It’s nearly 2 weeks after the opening of class and I missed the summer already. My summer was amazingly great. We travelled to Manila, Ilocos, Ilo-ilo and Cebu. So as of the moment, since the summer and in great satisfaction, I went on a hiatus. All chills, party, food, travel and all the leisure of life packed together for nearly four months already.

          How can a hiatus helps me in life? For a start, it slowly lessen my drive to the things that I’m passionate about, namely programming and teaching. And after four months, it totally dropped to nearly ZERO..

          So is this a bad thing? Nope, because it created the thing they call HUNGER. This hunger will become the fuel to start great things again. This hunger will be the motor that starts driving again. This hunger will eventually ignites the innermost passion which was lost during the hiatus.

          The hiatus gives me a pause in life. To plan it again, to create new strategy and  the best part it, to set new goals in my journey in life. This is the last week of my Hiatus. On the first day of July, a newer fuel will again ignites my journey called Life.

My advice to you guys, when you achieve your goals, take a hiatus. 

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