8 months of hardwork, determination and endurance! The fruit of all the sleepless and the whirlwind adventure of three young male born in 3 different decades.. LOLZ

Our thesis project as a partial requirement of our degree course in AMA Computer College – Bacolod. Created by three young friends in college to showcase to the world the fruits of our labors.

The project was based on the idea of creating a Virtual Tour to all the tourist destinations here in Bacolod City, a little too ambitious on our part. But then again, dream big and take the risk, for the triumph will be as sweet as the kiss of true love. What was that??? 🙂

To our group, Daddy, Paul and Bokybokx!!!! Congratulations!! For earning the recognition that we deserve and also for creating a long-lasting friendship. To the fun we had under one roof will forever be cherished. Although we differ in age and maturity, unity and laughter during the difficult times were the best lessons that I learned in our adventure.
I will post some of the 3D animations here in the future so you better watch out…

the CD COVER of our thesis. A taste of what is inside

Some of the Screenshots of the Downtown Area, Bacolod City…

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